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Flipper Zero

Flipper Zero


Flipper Zero is a portable multi-tool for engineers and geeks in a toy-like body. It loves researching digital stuff like radio protocols, access control systems, hardware, and more. It's fully open-source and customizable, so you can extend it in whatever way you like.

Flipper Zero features:

- Sub-GHz Transceiver - Use as a radio remote with many protocols supported

- NFC - Store all your Mifare, NTAG, and other NFC cards and tags

- RFID - Store, emulate, and write your LF RFID keyfobs, office cards, and more

- IR Transceiver - Universal IR remote for your TV and other appliances

- Virtual pet - A cute dolphin with personality accompanies your every action

- Open Source Firmware - Code your own apps and plugins

- Bluetooth LE - Extend capabilities with Flipper Mobile Apps

- U2F Security Token - Securely authenticate everywhere with your Flipper via FIDO

- BadUSB - Run any keyboard-emulation scripts

- iButton - Store all your Dallas, Cyfral, and Metakom keys

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